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Nicole Franz is a copy editor and paginator at The News-Herald in Willoughby. She takes all those sweet recipes, grueling workouts, cleaning tips, money-saving tricks, do-it-yourself projects and looks that seem so cool on Pinterest and writes about how they really turn out.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Freezing leftover sauces in ice cube trays is cool, thrifty idea

You remember those yummy pesto crescent rolls I made. Well, that recipe left me with a lot of pesto sauce, and I live by myself. One of the unfortunate parts I’ve found to living alone is that you end up throwing out a lot of food. 

I learned to grocery shop for a family of six. I used to go to Kroger’s with my mom, and we’d fill up a whole cart (sometimes two, particularly when my brothers were adolescents) with supplies to feed a pack of hungry Franzes. My natural instinct when I buy is to go for the bigger package to get a better deal. 

Do the math though: While the price per ounce is usually cheaper on larger items, sales often render small packages a bigger bargain.

No matter what size you buy, it’s not a better deal if you end up throwing away half a jar of pasta sauce because it got moldy. That’s where this pin comes in with its brilliant idea to use ice cube trays to preserve sauces.

The pin highlights a blog post from Tip Garden with “Money Saving Tips Using Ice Cube Trays.” There’s a bunch of tips in here I’ve seen floating around Pinterest and haven’t gotten around to trying (the lemon and vinegar garbage disposal cleaner for one), but I did test out the sauce freezing with my leftover pesto sauce.

I had enough pesto sauce leftover to fill eight cube slots, which Tip Garden informs me is equivalent to a cup of sauce (“1 standard sized cube = 2 Tablespoons , 2 cubes= 1/4 cup, 4 cubes = 1/2 cup”).

Once they were completely frozen, I popped them out into a plastic bag and wrote “Pesto” on the bag (Just in case I forgot what the green cubes in my fridge were). 

Now I’m looking forward to the ease of popping a cube in the microwave or straight into a pan the next time I decide I need a pesto fix. I’m thinking I’ll make pizza, sometime. 

And I’m definitely going to use this tip on pumpkin (one of my favorite ingredients), yogurt and more. Now I feel like I can shop the sales and not worry about being wasteful on certain perishables. And I can pop open the big jar of pasta sauce and not worry about having to throw out most of it.

Random side note

I’m sorry I didn’t post sooner. Works been busy with people taking vacations (including myself for a long weekend) and unfortunately, this blog kept getting shoved to the back burner. Thankfully, it didn’t burn like a pot of chili left sitting too long without stirring (I hate when I forget to stir and it gets all gunky on the sides and bottom). 

— Nicole Franz | | @FranzOrFoe
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