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Nicole Franz is a copy editor and paginator at The News-Herald in Willoughby. She takes all those sweet recipes, grueling workouts, cleaning tips, money-saving tricks, do-it-yourself projects and looks that seem so cool on Pinterest and writes about how they really turn out.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Burnt, butchered and botched or perfectly pinnable, you'll get it all

I don’t have fancy plates, specialized kitchen gadgets, high-end tools or professional photography skills (my camera even has tape and rubber bands keeping the batteries from falling out).

But I do have a hand-mixer that's older than I am, the tool kit I took to college and the will to try those sweet recipes, grueling workouts, cleaning tips, money-saving tricks and do-it-yourself projects that look so cool on Pinterest.

And I’ll give it to you straight. You’ll see what happens when it works out perfectly and when it doesn’t go right at all — burnt cookies, butchered crafts and botched jobs. 

This is a warts and all blog of a real person trying to answer the questions you have when you look at those pins and go "I wonder how that would turn out." 

I’ll tell you if they’re worth your effort and give you any tips I pick up along the way. 

It's my mission, and I've chosen to accept it.

— Nicole Franz | | @FranzOrFoe
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